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Update August 31 - 2010 Pro's Or Con's "Weight Loss - Negative Calorie Weight Loss" By Health Experts

The negative calorie weight loss program is referred to a small group of foods which contain so little energy that the body uses more energy to digest and absorb the nutrients. By using those foods recommended in the program, there would be a net loss of calories from the body triggering weight loss.

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Are There Foods Without Calories? Negative Calorie Foods, The Facts
By Dave Townley Platinum Quality Author

Is it possible to find foods with a negative calorie count? Of course we would all like to think this is possible, but realistically there is no such thing as a negative calorie food, all foods contain calories. By referring to negative calorie foods, what we are really meaning are foods which employ more energy in digesting than are burned up during ingestion.

Many foods have a very low calorie count. 'Negative calorie foods' added to our daily diet is a good idea, many are rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and various other beneficial nutrients essential for our health, well being and fitness. It would be tempting to over indulge in these low calorie foods but we cannot follow a healthy weight loss programme this way, they cannot work magic. As our body is digesting foods and absorbing liquids, it is burning calories and using energy to fuel the functioning of our heart, circulation and all other bodily functions. Other advantages to negative calorie foods are that many have a high fibre content which is a useful component to our diet. Fibre aids digestion and helps food travel through our digestive tract quicker keeping our bowels functioning well.

Water of course, although not classified as a food contains no calories. As our body needs to burn calories in order to absorb and dispose of water, we are therefore burning off more than we have ingested. Water therefore can be termed 'negative calorie'.

Examples Of Negative Calorie Foods:-




Berry fruits







Green beans



Kiwi fruit
















All these components can help add variety and taste to our diet, all adding to the sustainability and success of our weight loss programme. We must not forget that these additions, even though they are exceptionally low in calories still contain a certain quantity, so of course we cannot over indulge to excess. Our body needs nutrients from a variety of food groups, so by utilising the low calorie options in conjunction with a well balanced nutritious diet, we are progressing the safe and healthy way.

Versatile, delicious and good for us, these additions to our diet can be enjoyed as they are, or as accompaniments to other foods to create tasty meals. We can snack between meals, sensibly of course on these 'negative calorie foods' without compromising our diet and improving our well being and hopefully resulting in the shedding those pounds in the process.

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Recommended Reading
Fat Loss Nutrition System
Eating The Right Foods At The Right Times
To Have All-Day Energy, Enhance Your Health

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